10 Zoom And 6 Zoom (Jose De La Torre)


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Performer opens a magazine and spreads the ten jumbo cards found inside. Five cards are face up and five cards are face down. Spectator names any number from one through ten. The selected face up card is pushed forward and all the remaining face up cards are turned face down. All are seen to be blue back cards. The selected card is turned face down and it is seen to be the only red back among the ten cards!

Offer to repeat the effect. Put aside four cards, leaving six cards for the next effect (three face up and three face down). Say, “ten are too many, with six you will understand.” Ask for any number from one through six and count over to a new card. The selected card is now face down. All other face down cards are turned over and they are seen to be black face cards. Turn over also the four cards that you put aside, showing these are black faces too. The selected card is then turned face up and it is seen to have the only red face in the bunch! As this second chosen card is turned face up, however, it visibly changes to a giant card, almost three times the size of the jumbo cards! A terrific climax and all very easy to do!