A Lifetime of Joy (Ken Brooke)


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From an old magician’s estate purchase. Very good and clean pre-owned condition. First Printing; U.S. Edition; September 1982; edited and published by Jeff Busby Magic.

British magician Ken Brooke (1920-1983) was a magic dealer and a skilled demonstrator. Well known for his attention to detail, Ken often created his own instruction sheets and routines for the commercially sold effects on the market. He was also famous for his wonderful sense of humor. This booklet is Ken’s collection of tricks, gags and funny bits of business that he used professionally for over 40 years.

Cigar Tube Gag
Two Newspaper Gags
Two Gags for the Barman
Fly-Away Cigarette
Repeat Pocket Business
Sunglasses Card Discovery
Ken’s Presentation for the Malini Coin Game
Coin Transposition
Comedy Flare-Up Cigarette Vanish
Two Routines for The Card on Forehead
Blindfold Card Catch Gag
First Prize Gag
Ken’s Handling of the Lit Cigarette Vanish
Ken’s Presentation for the Electrostatic Cigarette
Two Shocker Gags
Vending Maching Gag
Double Air Pressure Reverse Revelation
Rear End Card Discovery
Ken’s Handling for Big Deal
Business for the Linking Rings
Business for The Paper Balls Over the Head
Electric Chair Business
Charlie Edwards’ Set-Up Deck
Charlie Edwards’ Spirit Knot Instructions

There is A LOT of GREAT material here!