A Spook Show In Your Parlor….Ten Suggested Black-Out Stunts by William W. Larsen


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. A good reading copy. The covers and pages have some light staining and toning and a few small edge tears. Original copyright by Thayer’s in 1947. This edition was published by D. Robbins & Company, New York 11, N. Y.

Host your own entertaining séance or year-round haunted house with these frightfully spooky stunts.

Not just for Halloween, you’ll be the life of the party any time with these effects and stunts that take place around the séance table or darkened room. They won’t break the (blood) bank, either.

This is a manuscript of twelve black out stunts that you can perform in your own home. Many of the weird effects can also be performed on stage. Most of the materials required for the effects can be home-made as only a few simple props are needed. All the effects are the chiller-thriller type and will convince many onlookers that you are possessed of “supernatural” powers. The author deserves credit for producing this fine collection of “ghostly” stunts.

Contents include:

Cemetery Serenade
The Wail of The Werewolf
Deep in a Tomb
Danse Macabre
Voodoo and Hoodoo
It’s Only Human
The Rat Race
The Spirit Beam
The Light of Lucifer
The Pop-Up Ghost
The Phantom Bride

Note: The subtitle of the manuscript says ten suggested black-out stunts but there are twelve stunts listed.