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Based on the popular 52-on-1 gag prediction card, this version by Ian Adair packs two climaxes and a utility force that make this an amazing effect, with a double punch.

Effect: Performer displays a large envelope which he says contains a prediction of an  image of a card a spectator will freely select. A deck of cards is handed over to the spectator to examine and shuffle. Spectator is asked to cut the deck at any point, and the prediction envelope placed at the cut to mark it, with the rest of the deck on top.

Performer recaps how the deck has been examined, and shuffled, and the odds of his having predicted the exact card cut to would be a 52 in 1 shot!

He lifts off the envelope and asks the spectator to check the card he cut to. Let us presume the card (the upper one of the lower part of deck under the envelope) is the Ten of Hearts.

Performer removes the jumbo card from the envelope and it is seen that it has all the 52
cards printed on it. The image of the selected card is surely there. The audience is (hopefully) amused at this silly gag.

“What was your card again ?” the magician inquires. “The Ten of Hearts? Well isn’t it surprising that is the only card out of line!” The assisting spectator is asked to take a closer look, and while all the other cards are in numerical and suit order, the selected card is not. The Ten of Hearts is where the Ten of Diamonds should be (and vice versa).

“Now, isn’t that absolutely amazing ?” says the performer, “But for those of you at the back of the audience who can’t see these tiny cards, here’s a larger image”. The card is turned over, to display a large replica of the Ten of Hearts!

And if the audience wishes, every thing can be examined.

Note: Four different gag cards supplied so the effect can be presented before the same audience with different results.