Big Parade of the Kings (Supreme Magic)


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Supreme’s  “Parade of the Kings” was a trick that rapidly became a classic masterpiece of close-up magic.

Then they introduced their giant version of the effect for stage use. The trick can be used at any time during the show. It can be presented as a conjuring effect or as a piece of mentalism. Certainly, the mystery is completely inexplicable to any audience no matter how it is presented.

In performance the magician lifts up a paper folder. Inside it, he explains are the four Kings, one of each suit from an oversize pack. He asks that any spectator should merely think of anyone of the suits, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs or Spades and he is going to try to influence his or her selection by mental concentration.

The spectator now states his or her choice. Magician explains that if the spectator wishes, he or she can change their mind. Once they are satisfied with their selection the cards are removed from the paper folder. This is flipped open, shown empty and even crushed-up before being discarded if you wish.

The cards in the hand are spread out. It is seen that one card, and one card only, is reversed and it’s face is towards the audience. It is the card that the spectator chose!

The magician removes this card from the fan. “Of course I was absolutely confident that you would choose this card” says the magician. “That is why it’s so completely different to all the others. Not only is it facing the other way but it’s back has a different color to all the others! The card is turned over and it is seen that while the other three cards are all the same color, the one in his hand is the one single card with a different colored back.

The card is placed down and the cards remaining in the hand are counted so that it is seen that there are three there. As the packet of cards is placed aside, the spectators can see the King at the face of this, emphasizing that their choice really was a free one, and they could have selected,  (indeed they really could have done!) – any one of the four suits.

These cards are huge and measure 9″ wide by 14” tall.

Comes with Supreme’s original three pages of instructions.

Note: The small regular-size King of clubs pictured is for size comparison only and is not included. Also please realize that any of the kings can be shown to be reversed from the other three cards; not just the King of Clubs that is pictured.