Blow Van by Billy Day From Repro 71


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Comes with the original instructions and flesh colored metal tube. You will need to supply some stiff paper for the creating the tube, some elastic bands, a silk handkerchief, and some tissue paper for creating the two rolled-up balls for inserting into the ends of the paper tube.

Effect: A piece of stiff paper is shown and rolled up into a tube which is secured by a few elastic bands. A piece of tissue paper is shown, rolled up into a ball, and used to plug one end of the tube. Next an 18 inch silk handkerchief is shown and tucked down inside the tube. A second piece of tissue paper is shown and rolled up into another ball which is used to plug the remaining end of the tube and trap the silk handkerchief inside.

Amazingly, when the tube is brought up to the performer’s mouth, and blown through, the two tissue paper balls come flying out the other end, but no silk handkerchief! It has completely vanished! The tube is unrolled and shown to be empty.

This is a great way to vanish a single silk. Use it with a 20th Century Silk effect or any other effect where a silk is vanished and caused to reappear elsewhere.

Note: This version of Billy Day’s “Blow Van” does not use the gimmicked tube that has a smaller tube attached inside that can be used with a pencil for extracting the tube and silk. This method utilizes gravity and clever misdirection for accomplishing the vanish of the silk handkerchief.