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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Good pre-owned condition. Comes complete with all the required cards and candy store folder along with Supreme Magic’s original instructions and full patter. All you have to supply is a paper folder for placing the three boy cards into. The original instructions call for a paper exercise book but we believe you can really use whatever you wish as long as it hides the three boy cards during the routine.

This great kid’s routine “Candy Andy” by Harry Carnegie was produced by Supreme Magic in 1984. It’s completely routined and comes with additional ideas by Edwin.

It has silk-screened cards, folder etc., with a couple of built-in surprises. As originally supplied it does not come with any wooden or metal stands but most magicians will have something in their collection that they can use. Artful Arty, Silly Willy, and Candy Andy – each of the boys is dressed in a different color suit. Artful Arty (green) is always up to naughty tricks. Silly Willy (blue) is really a silly boy, not very bright at school. Candy Andy (red) – his failing is that he just can’t pass a sweet-shop. He spends all his pocket money at the “Candy Store”.

The basic effect: A large folder (acting as a candy store) is opened up to show it is shelves are filled with sweets. The pictures of the three boys are shown and Candy Andy disappears. When the candy store is shown again all the sweets are gone! Where’s Candy Andy? He must be in hiding. When he is discovered he is several times his original weight having eaten all the candy.

A routine that’s lots of fun. A great item for the children’s entertainer!

Very colorful as you would expect from Supreme Magic!