Chameleon Silk (T-14)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Good condition. Comes with the desirable English packaging box and instructions. Packaging box has a few scuffs but otherwise is in good condition.

Chameleon Silk by Tenyo T-14
An amazing triple color change that anyone can do!

Effect: The performer’s hands are shown empty. A small 9-inch red silk is introduced and is partially pushed into the other hand at the top. Half the red silk is exposed and at the bottom of the hand, a yellow silk emerges partway. A silk color change. After a further top push, the yellow silk is fully and freely exposed. Both hands are shown empty once more. The above procedure is repeated with a final silk color change from yellow to green.

Supplied complete with three 9 inch silks in red, green, and yellow, along with the secret gimmick. Full original English instructions included. See pictures.