Chick Pan….Polished Stainless (Viking)


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Viking’s classic design and low-profile pan makes this a real professional prop! Made of polished stainless steel, it will not warp or bend, and it will not lock up like some of the aluminum models. This pan will last you a lifetime with proper care!

The classic effect: A small metal chaffing dish is shown and various ingredients are placed inside. The contents are accidentally set ablaze and the lid hastily replaced to extinguish the flames. The performer makes things right as he gestures toward the pan and upon removing the lid, reveals a real live baby chick!

The polished stainless Chick Pan can also be used to produce any number of inanimate items from silk handkerchiefs, spring items, candy, toys, etc.

Finest quality for professional use. The pan is five inches in diameter. You receive the polished stainless Chick Pan and instructions. No load items are supplied.