Clatterbox (Wood)


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. Very good pre-owned condition. Comes with the original instructions by David Ginn.

This effect is great for the kids as well as the adults!

Effect: Remove a silk handkerchief from a wooden box and give a spectator the box to hold. Performer explains to the spectator that the box is an antique and has been is his family for generations. Spectator is handed the box by a ring on the top of the box. The performer stresses to spectator “DON’T LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO THE BOX!”

Now the silk handkerchief is caused to vanished! Spectator is told that the vanished silf is now inside the box, and to “GENTLY” open the front door of the box. When they do this the box falls apart and crashes to the floor with a LOUD BANG!

The spectator is left holding only the lid of the box with the vanished silk handkerchief dangling from the bottom of the box lid!

Box reassembles quickly.

Silks are not included. Use your favorite method to vanish the silk.

Box measures approximately 6-1/2″ tall by 4″ square.