Clear Force Net Bag


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As the name suggests this is a net bag (approx. 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall) having a center partition which is invisible due to the netting and clear plastic strip on top. If the strip is pressed onto one side, only one compartment of the bag can be opened. This does the job of a standard bag-type change bag in a slightly different way. You place different objects through the transparent front (random) and place the one object that you want to force in the second (force) compartment.

You can put anything in the bag and freely show it at all times, yet will be able to force any particular item at any time.

It is very nicely constructed and should last you for many performances with the proper care.

Some different uses with the bag:

Number Force:  Place all the assorted numbers in one compartment (random side) and the number to be forced in the second (force side) compartment. To make it look more natural, place approx. 30 assorted numbers in the random side of the bag and at least 8 to 10 identical numbers in the force side of the bag.

Similarly you can use this for forcing a color, playing card, money (coins or bills), names, etc. and it is limited only to your imagination.