Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square


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This is a very popular and fun-to-perform close-up mystery! Tricks with sponge balls are always well received and this is one of the best commercial effects out there!

Effect: A red colored sponge ball vanishes from the magician’s hand and is found inside his pocket. The effect is apparently repeated but this time the spectators can see a portion of the ball sticking out of the performer’s hand. But wait….it’s not the ball at all….it turns out to be a large red square! When the performer opens his other hand that apparently contained the red ball it now has a black ball inside! So where did the red ball go? Why back into the pocket of course! The performer removes the vanished red ball from his pocket.

The sponge balls are 2 inches in diameter. The cube is approximately 2-3/8 inches per side. Made by Goshman so you know it’s good.