Confounding Coffer (Steve Dusheck)


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. Good pre-owned condition; no instructions. Selling as is.

Effect: This is one of those effects that just leaves your audience wondering if this is “real magic” Also the beauty of the effect is the simplicity and direct forwardness of the routine

A beautiful clear Lucite ring box is shown to your audience. From it you remove a quarter which is marked by a spectator. The ring box is closed and covered with a silk. The magician takes the quarter and proceeds to cause it to vanish. Upon uncovering the box the quarter is found inside! Please note that this is not like the old “Magic Coin Box” as no slides are used! The quarter is removed and shown to be the very same one that was marked.

Now, best of all, you are immediately set up to repeat this effect again, so for the table hoppers this is a perfect trick!