Conquer The Cube in 45 Seconds (Jeffrey Varasano)


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Here’s the book that tells you not only how to conquer the Rubik’s Cube but how to work toward conquering it in 45 seconds. Jeffrey Varasano, at age fifteen, has found an easier and faster solution to the world’s most popular puzzle.

In Conquer the Cube in 45 Seconds, Varasano outdoes other books on the cube by
showing you how to solve it with less moves and in a very uncomplicated fashion. With this book you’ll have the cube down pat within a minute and you can even
strive for Jeff’s record time of 25 seconds.

As an extra feature, Jeff has included some solutions for experts and shows you
different patterns that you can make with the cube. Conquer the Cube in 45 Seconds will put you well on your way to becoming the fastest cube spinner in the neighborhood!

Hardcovers with dust jacket; 48 pages; copyright 1981.