Cub Color Ropes (B. C. Klamm)


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Effect: You show three short ropes – gold for beauty, blue for truth (just as in the Cub uniform) and red for a full-fledged Scout.

“Notice that the gold rope is shorter than the blue. That’s the way with the cub uniform – much more blue than gold – to remind us that a Cub grows by making the beauty in the world grow. Let’s make some of that beauty grow right now, by magic. ”

You make the blue and gold ropes even at one end, leaving the gold shorter at the other end. Sprinkle woofle dust on the short end of the gold rope. Now pull the short end of the gold so that it’s even with the blue. Naturally the other end of the gold will get shorter and the kids will waste no time in pointing this out to you. This is good for  considerable by-play.

“Well, I can see that cubs must work together to make the beauty in the world grow. Let’s all say the magic words together. ”

This time, instead of anything happening to the gold rope, the 1-1/2 foot blue rope grows to four feet long!

“Oh my, now we’ve gone and stretched the truth. No Cub should ever stretch the truth. That’s the magic of Cubbing. If you always tell the truth and help the beauty in the world grow then you too will grow into a full-fledged Scout of great, great stature. “As you say this, you cause the red rope to grow to twelve feet in length!

Note: This is new old stock from our old inventory. Copyright 1983.

Your receive all the required ropes as pictured plus full detailed operating instructions. The ropes are very bright and colorful and have a nice soft foam center.