Darwin’s Thumb Tip Secrets 1


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Foreword by Reveen. “Darwin has put more thought into the thumb tip than anyone else in the history of magic. He is truly the king of the thumb tip.” The twenty-five effects presented in this book on the subject, are audience tested and consequently not based on mere armchair conjecture. As the many working “pros” who frequent Mr. Darwin’s Wednesday night magic club will attest, they have all been “red-eyed guinea pigs” to all the effects in this book! Quote: “I think the Thumb Tip is the greatest thing ever invented for the magician because it gives you the appearance of great sleight of hand instantly. The Thumb Tip is almost like Rock and Roll….You can do it the same day! It’s the greatest gimmick ever invented, no doubt about it.” — Gary Darwin


1 Lit Match Production
2 Smoke Prod. & Match Restoration
3 Cig. Thru Quarter Climax
4 Cig. Vanish & Production
5 Modern Cig. Vanish
5 Wadman’s Vanish
6 Lance Burton’s Salt Pinch Move
7 One Hand Coin Production
8 Improved Dime & Penny
9 Comedy Watch Destruction
10 Cut & Restored Rubber Band
11 Burst & Restored Balloon
12 Improved Cut & Restored Cord
13 Disappearing Silk in Spectator’s Hand
14 Reverse Silk Vanish
15 Disintegrating Kleenex
16 Silk Transportation
17 Handcuff Escape
17 Comedy Shoot-out
17 Give Aways
17 Giant Rope in Vase
17 Tony Miller’s Dollar to Finger Ring
17 Modern Emery Board
18 Torn & Restored Kleenex
19 Thumb Tip Vanish

Darwin, Gary: Darwin’s Thumb Tip Secrets #1
©1984 1st Edition, American Printing, Las Vegas, NV
Nineteen pages; softcovers, saddle-stitched, page size 8-1/2″ x 11″