Darwin’s Thumb Tip Thinking


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Comments: From the cover: “They say there’s nothing new under the sun. Wrong! Here’s 25 new thumb tip mysteries. Over 300 illustrations equal to private instruction.”


i Foreword (Johnny Paul)
ii Introduction (Gary Darwin)
1 Thumb Tip Technique
1 Fitting of the TT
1 Showing Hands Empty
1 The Tuck
2 The Darwin Push
2 The Lance Burton Pinch
2 The Finger Palm
3 Darwin Cleans Up His Act: wet nap vanish
4 Darwin’s Center Tear
5 Darwin’s One Hand Color Changing Silk
6 Darwin’s Sweet Prediction: candy prediction
7 Clarence J. Wollersheim’s Dimes to Half Mystery
8 Dawrin’s String to Chain
9 Darwin’s Changing a Dollar Into Quarters
10 Darwin’s Vanishing Salt From Dollar
11 Wadman’s Ring on String
12 Darwin’s Double Color Changing Silk
13 Darwin’s Marble to Sand
13 Darwin’s Egg to Dove
14 Darwin’s Zinga Match Routine: with a book of matches
15 Jimmy Yoshida’s Hawaiian Volcano: flames from a dollar
16 Jimmh Yoshida Bare Hand Silk Production
17 Darwin’s Supernatural Cigarette Test
18 Darwin’s Shocker!: bizarre magic where the magician loses a finger
19 Darwin’s Quickies
19 – Darwin’s Fireworks Production
19 – Wadman’s Salt Gag
19 – Darwin’s Moth Gag
19 – Darwin’s Vacuum Cleaner
19 – Darwin’s Salt Pour
19 – Darwin’s Straw Wrapper to Silk
20 Darwin’s Linking Chain
20 Darwin’s Burnt & Restored String

Darwin, Gary: Thumb Tip Thinking
American Printing
First edition, May 1986; Copyright Gary Darwin, Las Vegas, NV
Twenty pages; softcovers, saddle-stitched, page size 8-1/2″ x 11″