Dream Silk Tube SM-94 (Tricks Company Ltd.)


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We acquired this from an old magician’s estate. The special (and most important piece) clear tube is original and is all that came from the previous owner. Luckily we used to stock this effect at one time and have a copy of the original instructions that we will include. We have also added silks to complete the outfit for you. The two larger (red and white) 18 inch silks are new from our inventory. The six smaller 12 inch (3 red and 3 white) silks are pre-owned but in good clean condition.

Effect: A empty transparent square tube is shown with three white stripes and three red stripes. A red silk and a white silk are tied together and placed into the tube. With a  magical gesture the transparent tube has been transformed s0 that the red and white stripes now alternate!

For an added suprise, the silks are removed and this time instead of the two large silks, we find six small silks knotted together in the order of red and white and red and white and red and white! The tube is shown to be empty.

The tube measures 10 inches long by 2 inches square.