Easy Money Cards (Dr. Marvin F. Morrison)


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The performer removes the four aces from a deck of cards and places them, face up, in a row on the table. The spectator is given a free choice of anyone of the aces.

The performer places a half dollar into his pocket and causes it to invisibly leave his pocket and appear under the ace chosen by the spectator. The performer now produces a coin from each of the three remaining aces after first showing, each time, that his hands are empty and there is nothing under the ace. There are now four aces and four coins, one for each ace.

The performer places one coin under each ace. He now proceeds to cause the coins to vanish, one at a time, from under each of three aces and, as each coin vanishes, the fourth ace is lifted revealing the vanished coin has invisibly joined the coin or coins previously under the fourth ace until all four coins have assembled under the fourth ace!