Expanded State Quarter Shell – Heads (Johnson)


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One of the most deceptive devices in every magician’s repertoire has always been the expanded shell coin. In the right hands, miracles can take place with this ingenious piece of apparatus.

Johnson Products pioneered the expanded shell made from sandwich coins. Their shells have passed through many stages of development, each one better than the last. The state quarter shell (only available with head side) offered here is unequaled anywhere in the world.

To be able to borrow ordinary quarter coins and perform impossibilities with them is every magician’s dream. This expanded quarter shell makes this and more possible and will fit over any coin of equal denomination.

Dozens of effects are possible with this basic magician’s tool.

We include a Coins Thru The Table routine with each shell.

Note: Eisenhower Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, Quarter and English Penny shells are also available. Let us know what you’re looking for.