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The items supplied with this outfit consist of six small flags measuring approximately 4 x 6 inches and a larger silk about 12 inches square with duplicates of the six small flags printed on it.

The small flags and larger silk with the flags printed on it may be used as standard production items, or for a variety of effects in conjunction with other standard magician’s props which you may already own.

Some possible effects:

The silk with the six flags is placed into a paper bag. The bag is blown up and burst, and apparently the silk has also disintegrated into the six small flags.

This could also be performed in reverse, with the six small flags being placed into a paper bag, the bag being blown up and burst, and the small silks fusing into
a larger silk with all the six flags printed on it

This sort of transformation can also be performed using other props that you may own, like the Silk Wonder Box or a Change Bag.

A much prettier and visually impressive effect would be to roll up a piece of paper, push the large silk into the tube, blow through the tube, and have the silk flutter down as six small flags. This would be accomplished using a Dye Tube (not supplied).

Again this could also be performed in reverse if you wish, with the six small Flags fusing into the larger silk with the six flags on it.

The above mentioned effects are only suggestions and you can use the silks for whatever you wish. No other apparatus supplied. You receive the flag silks as pictured only along with two pages of instructions and ideas which include forcing a flag with a silk.