Fooled And Fooled Again (Bridge-Size)


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Three different playing cards are shown and placed under a handkerchief. Two of the cards are removed and shown. When the handkerchief is removed, the remaining card has “FOOLED” printed on it. The audience suspects that the missing playing card is on the other side, but after some comedy by-play, the card is turned over to the other side and there it reads “FOOLED AGAIN”.

The third card has actually vanished, and can be reproduced from anywhere the performers wishes. The handkerchief can also be shown completely empty and actually passed out for examination but the vanished card will not be found there either. An old classic that is still as good today as it was when first introduced many years ago.

The special gimmicked card makes performing this effect very easy, yet produces a very good puzzling, and comical effect if properly presented. You receive all the required cards and instructions. Use any opaque handkerchief you may have.

This is vintage new old stock (NOS).