Giant Cervon Monte (Bruce Cervon)


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Effect: The performer asks, “Who would like to make one hundred dollars?” Finally, one male spectator is singled out. He is asked if he ever saw the game where a person has three cards and a spectator tries to pick a certain card.

After this short set-up for the effect, a jumbo court card and two spot cards are cleanly shown and the court card sandwiched between the spot cards. As this is done the cards are held faces towards the audience. The fan, without being squared, is turned face down. The spectator is asked to pick out the court card in order to win the one hundred dollar bill.

As impossible as it seems, and to the audience’s delight, he picks the wrong card three times in a row. The first two times it’s because you talk him out of the center card. This brings howls of laughter. The third time, even though the court card is repeatedly shown to be the middle card, it is clearly seen to be no longer in the center! This will be made clear in the instructions for the third phase.

For the last phase of the routine, the court card is placed face up in the center and, without any covering, it visibly moves from the center to the bottom and back.

A great finish to a really funny and baffling routine!