Great Egg Trick (Jim Rainho)


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The Best “Egg on Head” routine you’ll ever find!

You state that the next trick you want to do is BRAND NEW. You have never done it before but with the help of an assisting adult you will try it. “I have never done this. I just bought it and I don’t really know how to do it but I have the instructions here, so if I can get an adult to come up and read the instructions I will do the trick.”

I always get a parent or, if at a school, a teacher or the principal; or cub master if working for scouting group, etc. The spectator reads the First Step (the book is in steps, one per page). A boy is brought up and a cup placed on his head, then an egg is broken into a mug and poured into the cup on the boy’s head.

The cup is covered with a plate and according to the instruction is turned UP SIDE DOWN and placed back on boy’s head. Now you see the comedy as it develops. The instructions then tell you to remove the plate from underneath the cup.

The finale is very funny. This is different that the Don Allen routine where the instruction card is used to cover the container on the head. This never made much sense. Here the instructions TELL YOU what to do.

You act skeptical, but after all, this is MAGIC, so they must know what they’re doing- and so you do it.

This is a very funny, funny routine. Comes with cup, instruction booklet and gimmick.

Included is a Foo Coffee Mug ($18.00 value).