Here’s Magic (Nelson C. Hahne & Joe Berg)


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First edition, copyright 1930 by Joe Berg. Good condition.

Pictorial boards, 63 pages with wonderful illustrations by Hahne and contains original subtleties by Berg and Hahne. Written, Illustrated and Compiled by Nelson C. Hahne, with an introduction by Dr. Harlan Tarbell

A collection of great magical effects along with essays which provide theories on why deception works, how spectators perceive magic performances, as well as the structure of good magic routines.


Introduction (Dr. Harlan Tarbell)

The Theory of Deception (Nelson C. Hahne): Essay

Find the Match Stick (Joe Berg): Clever Monte effect with cards and matchsticks

Method of Analysis (Nelson C. Hahne): Essay

The Blank Cards of Psyche (Joe Berg): Selected card name is found written on a previously blank card

Super Detection (Joe Berg): Four of a kind are removed, and magician determines which.

A Mysterious Change (Joe Berg): Selected card ends up in magician’s pocket

The Ultra Card Reversal (Nelson C. Hahne): Selection becomes reversed in the deck

An Eye for Money (Joe Berg): Catching a coin in your eye

Patter Suggestions (Nelson C. Hahne): 27 clever lines to add to your act

A Card, A Case, and A Vanish (Joe Berg): Selection vanishes from card case

The Coin Disappears (Joe Berg): In fold of trousers

Another Method (Nelson Hahne): As above

Match-Tip Monte (Joe Berg): Shell game/Monte with match-boxes and match heads

Telling the Time (Joe Berg): Magician knows what time the clock was set to

Chewing Gum Vibration (Joe Berg): Magician determines which brand of gum was chosen

The Multiplying Cigarettes (Nelson C. Hahne): At the fingertips

The Phantom Knots (Joe Berg): Knots vanish from one set of silks and appear on another

The Cards With the Color-Changing Backs (Nelson C. Hahne): With red and blue decks

A Routine With a Double-Back Card (Joe Berg): A full routine

Lost in the Shuffle (Joe Berg): Location using a perfect dove-tail shuffle

Sawing a Stick of Gum in Half (Joe Berg): A stick of gum is visibly cut in two in an envelope, but restored

Where Does the Cigarette Go? (Nelson C. Hahne): Vanish

Berg’s Color Changing Thimble (Joe Berg): For one thimble

Touch Reading DeLuxe (Joe Berg): Principle for reading cards behind your back

The Penetrating Match Box Drawer (Nelson C. Hahne): Drawer of matchbox seems to penetrate a handkerchief

Flesh Grip Force (Joe Berg): A card force

The Spelling Location (Nelson C. Hahne): Card speller

The Elusive Aces (Joe Berg): A four Aces trick

Deviating Dime (Nelson C. Hahne): Dime penetrates hand when covered by half dollar

Berg’s Four Ace Routine (Joe Berg): Another four ace trick

The Bewitched Poker Chips (Nelson C. Hahne): Poker chips change order when passed through an examined tube

The Card Behind (Joe Berg): Magician determines value of card behind his back

A Trained Card (Joe Berg): Selection pops out of the deck

The Peripatetic Rabbit (Nelson C. Hahne): A real rabbit is “shot” into a drawing; for stage.

The Production of a Bowl of Flowers (Joe Berg): From a foulard

The Sticks of En Hah (Nelson C. Hahne): A clever rod penetration illusion for parlor

And in Closing (Nelson Hahne)