Highway Sign (Ickle Pickle)


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. No instructions. Good pre-owned condition.

The magician shows an yellow plastic board (9-1/2″ square) with a black arrow on on both sides. As the sign is flipped over the magic begins! The arrow points left and then right. Then it’s pointing up and down, seemingly with a mind of its own! The topsy-turvy fun continues, leaving the audience – and magician – wondering which way will be next!

The Highway Sign can be presented as a: Compass, Clock, or a Road Sign which gives you dozens of different possible presentations such as:

You were nearly late for the show because of the confusing road signs.

How does Santa find his way to all those houses on Christmas Eve?

Sorting hat/sign – pick which of your two volunteers standing on either side of you wins the prize. Lots of comedy fun as you mix up your left with your audiences left…’look it’s pointing left…am I right!’

The idea of an arrow changing direction also lends itself to many Gospel messages on the subject of:

God’s direction for your life
Moral Compass
Following God’s plan
The ‘one way’ to Heaven
The signs that God gives us, how He points us in the right direction
Turning to God when life gets topsy turvy (life’s ups and downs, and going round in circles)