Ian Adair’s Dressing Doll (Supreme Magic)


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Vintage pre-owned magic trick by Ian Adair from Supreme Magic.   Good condition. The front of the Dressing Doll book has a 3-1/2 inch scratch to the right of the girls tie but this does not affect the working of the trick in any way.  Supplied with all required props and with full original Supreme Magic instructions. A very adaptable and beautiful children’s effect. But it’s great for adults as well with a slight change in patter.

Effect: The magician shows a large book “Dressing Doll”. Opening the book it is seen to consist of a single page with large colorful “press-out” pictures of a doll and a blazer and gymslip. The performer presses out the picture of the doll, leaving a space where she was. The audience can see right through this cut out. No black-art  or similar principles are used. The doll has definitely been removed.

The book cover is closed and book is stood up in full view. The performer then states that he will make the doll vanish and reappear back inside the book. To do this he will use his magic folder. He places the the doll inside the folder. After a lot of by-play he lets the folder fall open and states that the doll has vanished. The children shout to see the other side but they find they have been “led up the garden path” for there is a picture of a garden path there! And the doll really has vanished!  More shouting to look inside the book but the doll is not there. Eventually after continued magic shouts from the children the doll does appear back in the book and is now fully dressed in the gymslip and blazer! The gymslip and blazer vanishing clean out of the picture leaving two empty cut-outs where there were previously!

The trick is very easy to do and really only needs presenting.