Illusionworks….Illusions, Ideas, and Inspiration by Rand Woodbury


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. It looks like the previous owner was using this book as a coaster for their cup of coffee at the breakfast or supper table. The front cover, the first two blank pages, and pages one through twenty-two have a corner crease at the lower right hand corner. If you can look past the stained cover and the few corner creases the rest of the interior is in excellent like-new and clean condition. Because of the condition faults we are letting this book go cheap.

Soft covers; 183 pages; limited edition; copyright 1993.

If you’re searching for brand-new illusion concepts, look no further than Rand Woodbury’s Illusionworks series of books. Volume One features fifty-three illusions, including Torturtina, Shadow Dancer, and Body Transformer explained with the aid of understandable explanations, computerized illustrations and construction dimensions.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

Where do you start one of these things? I’ve never had to write anything like this before. There was that one job application and that police report. Well, nevermind. Why does this book exist? Basically, it’s because I haven’t seen this kind of book on illusions in any magic shop; a book with just original ideas or illusionist. I have a few books on the subject of large stage illusions and Jarret, by Jim Steinmeyer has to be my favorite. I thought it would be cool to have a sort of modern “Jarrett” type book containing new and modern material. And for the record: I’m not comparing myself to genius that was Guy Jarrett or the genius that is Jim Steinmeyer. I do think Guy Jarrett might have gotten a kick out of this book and probably even swore a bit.