Instruction Cards (Tom Craven)


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This item  contains Tom Craven’s initial release through Magical Moments. Tom’s fun approach to magic is highlighted in this “Easy-to-do” effect.

You offer to let your spectators in on your newest magical purchase by allowing them to read the instructions to your new trick with you. You open the package and reveal a stack of laminated business size cards. Each card contains a step in the instructions. The first instruction card tells you to have a card selected from a deck of playing cards. You and your spectator continue to follow the directions on each instruction card. Finally you come to the last instruction card and it tells you to turn over all of the instruction cards and to spread them out. When you do, both you and your spectator will be surprised that they indicate the selected card without fail.

The premise of this effect is new and different. The instruction cards provide plenty of laughs along the way.

It is very easy to do and the instruction cards direct all of the action and invite spectator participation. Both you and your audience will enjoy Tom Craven’s “Instruction Cards”.