Invisible Secrets Revealed (Schwartz & Fields)


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This book by Eddie Fields and Michael Schwartz details many new routines and improvements using the famous “Invisible Deck”.

The basic effect is: An “invisible” card is thought of by any spectator and returned face up to a well shuffled “invisible” deck with all other cards face down. Deck is put into the magician’s pocket for a moment, but is removed and seen to be visible. Magician runs through cards and finds only one face up card among the face down deck – the selected card!

Revised edition, copyright 1997, soft covers, staple bound, 40 pages.

Contents include:

The Mechanics Of The Deck

A Card Trick Without Any Cards

Dr. Jak’s Revisited

AT&T Strikes Again

A Pocketful Of Miracles

Invisible Flight

Personalized Flight

Spread Location

Two Deck Routine


Do It Again

The Etheric Force

Don Alan’s Setup

The Invisible IT

Thrown In

Infallible Prediction

Invisible Prediction

Torn Thought

Simplistic Reverse


Zeke (Two Decks) Snap Change

Double Or Triple Revelation

Little Know Secrets And Strategies With The Invisible Deck