Jackpot Bags and Unlocking Iggy-Norance!


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Jackpot Bags is based upon a gambling theme which are popular with most audiences. The included props will enable you to create some excellent routines with this popular presentation theme.

The props comprise of the Jackpot Key (a very clever and convincing “selection device”) and four attractive velveteen “jewelry” bags.

In a typical presentation the performer displays the “Jackpot Key” which is a tent type folder with the numbers 1-2-3-4 printed on it and four different colored velvet bags. Three spectators freely select three of the four numbers. Please note that there is absolutely no force, or guiding of the selection. The last number is the performer’s  choice by default.

The Jackpot Key Folder is flipped open to reveal the same four numbers, now in four colored circles, corresponding to the colors of the bags. Each spectator takes the bag of the color corresponding to their selected number, leaving the last bag for the magician.

When they examine the contents, they find a lollipop, or other type of cheap consolation message or prize. The magician’s bag has the “Jackpot” like an expensive watch, or jewelry, or a pile of money, or anything you fancy.

You can use this to reward the birthday child or a special guest. Play a dating game  using colored envelopes instead of the bags. It’s easy and 100% sure-fire. You can have the Jackpot appear in any of the bags, and control who gets the bag, regardless of the number they select.

Also included with this outfit is a routine (and the required props) from Steve Taylor called “Unlocking Iggy-Norance!” The four velvet bags are introduced and only one contains the key to unlock an audience member’s hands which are secured with a plastic chain and padlock. No matter which bag is chosen the performer always gets the bag with the correct key to unlock the padlock and free the spectator.