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An awesome pencil through bill effect!

A borrowed bill is folded around a pencil, cradling the pencil in the fold. The pencil is caused to instantly penetrate the bill ending completely on the outside! The performer offers to repeat the effect. Once again the bill is wrapped around the pencil, but this time the pencil is caused to slowly and visually cut right through the bill with no damage to either object! The bill is returned unharmed to its owner. End of effect and what a killer!

Written words do nothing to convey the total impression of this routine. You have to witness this in person to fully appreciate the effect created.

You receive all the required items plus a very detailed 15-page instructional booklet with over 46 excellent illustrations. Also included is a bonus routine “Finger Thru Bill” and a DVD which includes a performance and explanation of the effects for those who learn better visually.

Don’t let this one go Passin’ you by! It’s really good!