Kid Stuff Volumes 1-4 by Frances Ireland Marshall


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These are from an old magician’s estate purchase. Volume two has a mark from a previous price label on the front cover along with a light corner crease at the lower right hand corner.  Otherwise all the volumes are quite nice and clean. All are soft covers and  spiral bound.

Volume 1 is a fourth printing from 1971.

Volume 2 is a fourth printing from 1978.

Volume 3 is a fifth printing from 1981

Volume 4 is third printing from 1978

Four volumes of Frances Ireland Marshall’s classic “Kid Stuff” series with 420+ pages in total of wonderful, tested material, with working routines and plenty of line illustrations, demonstrating how to do magic shows and performances for children.

Volume one contents: The Puppet Rabbit Routine, The Laurie Ireland Routine with the Egg and Bag Trick, Comedy Wand Handkerchief and Fan Routine, The Foxwell Paper Race, A Mental Trick for Kids, Prelude to Any Rope Trick, The Stomach Ache Tube, Birthday Child Sequence, Ideas for Kid Shows, Spellbound, Dressing the Doll, Eddie Clever’s Version of the Sun and Moon, Clown Alley, Hot Dogs, No Bottom, Dead Ducks, Funnel Fun, Only Fingers for You, Eggs, Light It, The New Supporter, Yoo Hoo, Small Car, Alligator, Flying Button, Drop the Clothespin, One Too Many, The Missing Finger, Morning Paper, The Mobile Rug, Long Tongue, The Thread, Noises, Birthday Cake, Gum Drops, How to Make A Clapboard, Balloons, Comedy in Costume, Slapstick, The Spirit, Magic and Safety, Approaches to the Kids Show, The Lecture on How to Play Kid Shows, Shopping for Kid Tricks, Magic and the Professions, Jay Marshall’s Bridge Table Punch and Judy, Heartbreak Circuit

Volume two contents: Magic Laundry by Bruce Posgate, Magic Journey by Louis Bertol, Choo Choo Train by Don Alan, A Kid For A Kid Show, Mickey Mouse’s Magic Shop by Bob Lotz, Magic Easter Eggs by the Clements, Chinese Stick Story by Joe Palen, Magic Slates by Joe Palen, Kid Show Ideas by Tommy Windsor, Secret of Entertaining Children by M. Wilson, The Perfect Finish by Don Alan, Bang! by Walter Essman, The Gift by John Giordmaine, Producing Santa Claus Himself by Don Alan, Tips by various magicians, Patter & Presentation for Kids, Fine Art of Entertaining Children and a bit of rebuttal, Crandall On Kids

Volume three contents: Swiss Kid Stuff, Cornelia’s Birthday, Piet’s Magic Safety Show, The Magic Castle, Magic Shop, The Magic Circus, The Magic Bedside Manner, Alice in Magicland, Sugar Pops Pete & The Bandits, The Traffic Light, How To Be A Clown, Ideas From Peter D’Arcy, Clowning on TV, Birthdays, Another Birthday, The Baseball Game, The Grocery Bag, Shaving Routine, Floating Gag, Mutilated Parasol, The Madhouse Routine, Rabbit Production & Wringer, Vacuum Cleaner Salesman, Haunted House, The Cooks, The King Bee, Prove You’re Not Here, Questions and Answers, Smart Gum, Hat, Fan and Wand.

Volume four contents: Introduction, Our Frontispiece, Zie Zaubern Wir Fur Kinder?, The Silk Theft, Gags for Kids, Photo Fun With Kids, Dorothy and the Magic of Oz, Peter Pan, Alter Ego Presents Magic, Anti Gravico Do as I Do, Clippo for Kids, Blue and Gold Season, Santa Claus Bit, Gifts, Thanks to Abra, Hats for Kiddies, Rocket Ship X, Haunted Castle, Solo by Santa, Return of Prince Babu, Desert Treasure, Tip Tup the Clown, Cat Show, Trick Train, Little Gray Home, Sentry Go, Snow Whiteness, Ding Dong, Rambling Rabbits, Small Fry Foo Can, Eggs Unlimited, Daylight Robbery, D Stands for Dunce, The Man in the Moon, Fun at the Fair, Toby Production, Bless My Buttons, Just One More Tipple, Puss in the Well, Happy Snaps, Lemuel Gulliver, Freddie the Frog, Lollipops Galore, Big Ears and the Princess, Santa’s Stocking, Fireman Freddie, Clarence, How to Make Ice Cream, Bibliography

This little lot would make a fantastic addition to your collection or library!