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This is a pre-owned book. Some light cover creases and scuffs. The inside of the rear cover has a stain (it’s blank with no writing). All the interior pages are good. No torn pages. No dog-eared pages. No pen or pencil notations.

This booklet is essentially a best of Daniel Garcia. It contains the material that he lectures on and relies on in many of his impromptu performances. Some of the contents include:

Ego Change
Daniel’s amazing color change. Daniel has slowed down the Cardini change to create a beautiful, puzzling color change.

Your Personal Safe
A coins across routine utilizing a spectator’s ring. Who knew that coin magic could be cool.

One of Daniel’s strongest pieces. He untangles a paperclip into a straight piece of metal and causes it to visually bend. This is perfect for office workers everywhere!

No Smoking
You may have heard about the DVD that Daniel famously retracted with Ellusionist. This has the full explanation of the impromptu trick that allows you to make smoke magically appear from your mouth.

DG Box Steal
Something new for the card guys.

Butter Bill
A three-phased routine where you make a straw magically penetrate a dollar bill. It’s a fooler and looks amazing!

There are 14 items in total; all of which are worthy of your attention. The booklet is in full color and is photo illustrated.

Soft covers; staple bound; 32 pages; 8.5 x 11 inch.