Locked Deck (Zanadu)


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This one’s really great!

A spectator calls “stop!” as the magician riffles through a deck of playing cards having a large hole drilled at one end near a corner. The chosen card is noted by the spectator who is then handed the deck and asked to lock it through the hole with a large padlock. The magician states that the chosen card has now traveled to his pocket and when the deck is unlocked and dealt onto the table, one card at a time, they see that the chosen card has vanished! It’s shown in the magician’s pocket, of course!

You receive the special Bicycle poker-size deck, a lock with keys, and a instructions.

Note about padlock: The padlocks supplied with this trick are imported from India and they work fine but be advised that in order to lock them you must hold down the hasp and turn the key. They will not lock by just closing them shut.