Lot of Three Vintage Clear Hot Rods Same Both Sides


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These came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Maker is not know. No instructions. Two of the rods have the same set of different gems on both sides. So you are not able to perform the actual Hot Rod trick. We suppose these were made so you could switch out the matching gimmicked Hot Rod for one of these so you could pass it out for examination at the end of the trick.

The third rod has white gems on both sides and would be switched in if your Hot Rod had the force color gem as white. After the spectator selected the white colored gem and you changed the entire rod to all white gems you would switch it out for this clear rod that has the white gems on both sides and pass it out for examination.

So if you happen to own a clear Hot Rod that matches any of these combinations you may have a use for this lot.

The rods measure 3/8 inches square and are 3-1/2 inches long. Made from clear plexiglass.

The multi-colored rods have the following colors in this order: amber, pink, green,  blue, white, and red

Two of the rods have a cloth carrying bag and one does not.