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Effect: Hand the spectator a colorful plastic cube and a small plastic box. The box measures 1-1/4″ in all directions and the cube is just slightly smaller so it fits into the box easily. On each of the cube’s six sides there is a different color. Now, while the magician’s back is turned, or he is out of the room, the spectator selects one of the colors, and places the cube into the box. Handing the box over to the magician, while his back is still turned, he now turns around to face the spectator. With the box still closed, the magician instantly knows which of the six colors was selected by the spectator!

Easy to do!

No sleight-of-hand required!

No switches

Only the one cube is used!

No confederates used!

You’ll love the clever method!

Everything can be examined both before and after the trick is done!

A classic pocket trick you’ll carry with you all the time!