Mickey Mouse Mutilated Parasol


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This came from an old magician’s estate buy-out. No instructions and we do not know the maker or if this was a custom created piece. What you see pictured is the way we acquired the outfit. The separate parasol cover is double and would accept the eight silks for the transformation. How it would be folded to look like a bag prior to placing the silks inside is not known. You could also forget about placing the separate silks inside the parasol cover and just use a changing bag instead as used in other type Mutilated Parasol effects.

Also not known is how you exchange the regular Mickey Mouse umbrella for the bare ribbed umbrella with the eight silks attached. Perhaps a switching mat of some sort could be constructed.

Maybe someone has some ideas on this. Would definitely make for a novel Mutilated Parasol effect for the children’s performer.

Being sold as as.

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