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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Comes with everything as originally sold (including the packaging tube) except for a bottle of rubber cement which you can easily acquire.

“Needle Thru Arm” is a magic illusion that was created by Bruce Spangler and later popularized by comedy actor/magician Harry Anderson. The trick can be performed as part of either a stage magic or a parlor/close-up magic routine. As the name would suggest, “Needle Thru Arm” relies on shock value to have a comedic effect.

Effect: In full close-up view of the audience, a steel needle measuring over 8 inches long is pushed through the performer’s arm, and blood starts dripping everywhere! It’s frighteningly realistic! Perfect for haunted houses or for any magician who wants to freak out his guests at his next dinner party. Your audience will talk about this for years to come.