Neff’s Miracle Rope Instructions (Abbott’s Magic Co.)


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This is the original seven page instructional sheet for Neff’s Miracle Rope trick put out by Abbott’s Magic Company.

No rope or gimmick supplied.

An ordinary piece of rope is freely shown stretched between the two hands with  a few inches of the ends hanging down out of the hands. If desired the rope may be marked for future identification by an initialed piece of stickum paper or adhesive tape or store marking tag. You should mention that restored rope is the same length at the finish as the audience sees in the beginning.

Rope is fairly cut in center between hands, either by your assistant or member of the audience. These cut ends are then gently swung toward each other as you count, “One – Two – Three.” Unbelievable as it seems, the cut ends actually seem to melt together and to the amazement of the audience the cut ends join themselves between the hands as in the beginning.

Rope is tugged to prove its strength and tossed to audience for examination and identification as original marked rope!

The audience effect is beyond comprehension. A practice session will convince you that it is not a trick but a miracle!