Original Al Koran’s “Linking Finger Rings” 15 Page Manuscript


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. An original 15 page manuscript described by Harry Stanley for performing Al Koran’s “Linking Finger Rings” plus some other fine tricks using finger rings. This manuscript has been folded into thirds (the way we acquired it) and show the page creases but otherwise is in very good and clean condition. We have straightened it out the best we can and have placed it into an acid free comic book protector sleeve and this is the way it will be shipped to you.

The Effect: Three finger rings are borrowed from members of the audience in the fairest possible manner. The magician causes the rings to magically link together forming a chain of three! Each ring is identified by its owner linked on the chain. Then the rings are separated individually and returned unharmed to their original owners!

Please note: This is a top-notch “Linking Finger Ring” routine and it doesn’t require an expensive Himber Ring! When Al Koran first performed this little miracle on television, it caused a sensation! The effect on the audience is pure magic!. A long-time favorite of magicians and mentalists alike, including David Copperfield, Billy McComb, Ted Lesley, and others; the “Linking Finger Rings” is a genuine reputation-maker! Ideal for stand-up, clubs, banquets, etc.

Note: This is for the 15 page manuscript only. No rings are supplied.