Original Hellstrom Card (Stan Lobenstern)


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Effect: A packet of 10 different bridge-size playing cards are given to a spectator to thoroughly shuffle. From these cards the spectator freely selects anyone of the cards and holds it in their hands and shows it to everyone, except the magician. Now the spectator replaces the selected card back into the packet, and once again shuffles the packet really losing the card. Neither the spectator or the performer has any idea where the selected card is located.

Spectator is now requested to lay the cards, next to each other, face down, one by one on the table. Performer states that once something has been touched by someone, a residue of magnetic attraction occurs. He explains this is the way many Psychics locate missing objects and people, as we read-about all the time in the news media. In effect the performer states he will try a little experiment.

The magician/mentalist extends the index finger of his hand and has the spectator hold onto the performer’s wrist. Magician starts passing his hand over the tops of the cards and then SUDDENLY STOPS! He lowers his extended finger, touching the card he stopped at and asks the spectator to name out loud the card they previously selected. When this has been done, the spectator is asked to pick up the card that was stopped at….IT IS THE SELECTED CARD!

Everything may be examined, both before, during and after! And it may be repeated with equal results!

You receive the original manuscript (Copyright 1986) explaining the secret to this amazing miracle along with the ten bridge size Fox Lake cards. Learn an unknown secret about these cards and their design that “Hellstrom Card” utilizes.