OWEN MAGIC Recreation of the Classic P&L Blooming Rose Bush


Please find pictured the 1998 Owen Magic recreation of the classic P&L Blooming Rose Bush (circa 1930’s) aka The Flowering Rose Bush. This Owen recreation is in pristine condition and comes with an equally pristine carring case. See the pictures which also include a copy of the original 1950’s P&L artwork for the Rose Bush.

This is for the serious buyer only and the price will be given upon application.

We were informed that Allan Zagorsky from Owen Magic said that only six of these were produced.

For those interested here is how the P&L advertisement from their 1950 catalog was written:

As gorgeous and mystifying a spectacle of beauty as Modern Magic can present.
A most realistic rosebush nearly 3 feet tall and with a spread of 28 inches – a truly beautiful stage piece – stands on any suitable table or can be brought in from the audience by an assistant. Upon command of the performer (who can be in the audience) buds are seen to appear and gradually open until they become full-blown REAL American beauty roses. Now to the amazement of the spectators, they may be cut off for presentation to the ladies. This masterpiece is absolutely automatic because of expensive specially constructed mechanism (Patent No. 2432337). No assistants are necessary. The rosebush call be set up and taken down in a few minutes. It fits compactly in its own beautifully finished carrying case. The weight is less than 25 pounds complete. Can be presented with equal success in the average living room.
Price complete (with carrying case) on application.