Patrick Page Lecture Notes


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Twenty-four pages

Staple Bound

Copyright 1997

Size is 5-1/5 x 8-1/2″

Notes are in like-new condition.

Nineteen tricks using various objects, silks, ropes, thumb tip, etc.

Contents include:

The Opener


Tips On The Miser’s Dream

Cards To Pocket

The Colour Changing Handkerchief

The Pageboy Ball Vanish

The Al Koran Thimble Routine

An Impromptu Vanish

The Everlasting Rope Trick

Hanky Panky Egg

Match Miracle

Bare Hand Silk Production

Thimble Routine

The Buckle Count

A Thumb Tip Tip

Princess Quatro

A Coin Vanish

The Continuous Do As I Do