Phloating Phoenix Pheather (Mike Bent)


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This came from a magician’s estate. Comes with the original instructions and all the props. It appears that the invisible thread, white sticky putty, and feathers have never been used.

Effect: A young wizard-in-training is given his/her first wizard lesson. They are given a wand and a pair of wizard glasses to wear, and a white feather is placed on their hand. They are asked to concentrate, and suddenly the feather begins to move, and dance on their palm. Then, the feather actually floats in the air. The wand is waved above and below the feather to prove there is nothing holding the feather up but magic. If floats back down and is given to the young wizard as a souvenir of their first magic lesson!

Note: You must supply your own magic wand. It’s not gimmicked in any manner so you can use any type you wish. There was never one supplied with the original trick.