Polly The Elusive Parrot


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Effect: A beautiful set of pictures, one containing a parrot and the others containing three empty cages, are shown to the audience. A story is told how this elusive bird cannot be kept in any cage. One of the empty cages is placed aside and covered with a handkerchief. Now a game is begun with the children to see if they can keep track of the mischievous bird.

No matter which card the children select, when it is turned over it will be an empty cage. Eventually the cards are eliminated until only one face down card remains. When this is turned face up, to everyone’s surprise it is also an empty cage and the parrot appears secured in the cage which was placed under the handkerchief before the game began.

Cards are large and colorful and show up well from a distance.

Each card measures 9″ wide by 14″ tall.

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