Rice’s Encyclopedia Of Silk Magic Volumes 1-3 (Pre-Owned)


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These came from an old magician’s estate purchase. All three volumes are in very good to excellent clean and undamaged pre-owned condition. The three dust jackets all show wear but are complete except for volume two which has a small section of the dust jacket missing at the top end of the spine area. Volume one is a 4th printing dated 1986; volume two is a 3rd printing dated 1986; volume three is also a 3rd printing dated 1986.

Volume One

Ten chapters: The Story of Silk, Dyeing your own Silks, Methods of Folding Silks, Single and multiple Silk Productions with or without Apparatus, Vanishes, Changes and Transpositions.

Although this is an encyclopedia of silk tricks, it also covers all types of conjuring props, making it of interest to any magician.

Chapter One: The Romantic Story of Silk

Chapter Two: Dyeing Your Own Silks

Chapter Three: Methods of Folding Silks

Single Silks
Square Accordeon-Fold
Diagonal Accordeon-Fold
New Finger-Fold (Oscar Weigle)
Hank Ball-Fold (Oscar Weigle)
Bubble-Fold (Russ Walsh)
E-Z-Fold (Ned Rutledge)
Quantity of Silks
Envelope Accordion-Fold

Chapter Four: Methods of Producing a Single Silk (Non Apparatus Methods)

Change Over Palm
From the Elbow
From the Arm Pit
From Under the Vest
From Under the Collar
From the Coat Lapel
From the Bottom Edge of Coat
From Within the Sleeve
By Misdirection
From the Hip Pocket
From Slits in the Clothing
From a Wire Loop
From the Wrist
From a Rubber Band
From Under the Coat
From Under the Arm
From the Breast Pocket
From Sleeved Position
From the Body
From Back Palm
From the Trouser Leg
From a Lapel Pocket
From the Mouth
From the Thumb
From the Handkerchief Pocket
Instanto Handkerchief Production (Joe Berg)
Visual Silk Production (Prince Mendes)
From the Trouser Pocket

Chapter Five: Methods of Producing a Single Silk (Apparatus Methods)

From a Lighted Match (U.F. Grant)
From a Finger-Tip (Harold r. Rice)
From a Paper Cone (Al Baker)
From an Empty Tube
From a Match-Box (De Kolta Method)
From a Match-Box (Another Method)
From a Match-Box (Using a Faked Match-Box)
From a Match-Box (Another Faked Match-Box)
From a Match-Box (A Match-Box Loader (Professor Edgar))
From a Match-Box (Behind the Match-Box)
From a Wand in the Pocket
From the Mysterious Tube
From a Fan (Charles Waller)
From the Spectrum (Danar The Magician)
From a Billiard Ball
From a False Finger (Carl Lyle´s Routine)
A Novel Silk Production (El Barto)
From a Bottomless Bottle
From a Hidden Tube (Harold R. Rice)
From a Flash Ball
From a Fan of Playing Cards
From a Tambourine
From a Wand Shell
From a Fake Flower
From a Sword or Wand
P.L. Handkerchief Production Wand
From a Paper Cone
From a Paper Cylinder
From a Fake Ruler
From a Drinking Glass
From a Bottle
From a Glass Stopper
From a Flash Glass (Percy Abbott)
From Body Clips
Bare Hand Silk Production Clip (Percy Abbott)
Ireland Body Clips (L.L. Ireland)
Rice’s Flasho (Harold R. Rice)
The Silk Winder (Harold Sterling)
Rice’s Nu Clip (Harold R. Rice)
From Hand Gimmicks
Abbott’s Push Out Silk Production (Percy Abbott)
Monarch Handkerchief Producer
Silks at the Fingertips (Percy Abbott)
Silk Production Supreme (Percy Abbott)
The Improved Hand Box
Back Hand Production Fake (Alan Howell)
Lightening Silk Production (Percy Abbott)
Nikko (Harry Kellar)
From Museum Gimmicks
From a Glass Tumbler (Glenn Gravatt)
Brema´s Silk Appearance

Chapter Six: Non-apparatus Quantity Productions

The Redhill Gimmick (Redhill the Magician)
From a Secret Pocket
From the Sleeves
From Within the Vest
From Within the Trousers (Dr. E.G. Ervin)
From Vested Cloth Tubes (Harold R. Rice)
One to Three (W.C. Gardner)
From a Special Bag (Jean Hugard)
From a Dress Vest
From a “Fountain” Bag
From a Wire Loop
From a Special Holder
From Varied Location
Production Supreme (Ed Wolff)
From Under the Vest
Double Silk or Streamer Production (L.L. Ireland)
Any Color Called For (Brunel White)
Continuous Production of Silks at the Finger Tips (Parrish)
Silks and Coins (Harold R. Rice)

Chapter Seven: Apparatus Quantity Productions

Part One Commercial Production Apparatus
The Drum Head Tube
The Phantom Tube
Phantom Tube Attachment
The Ghost Tube
The Genii Tube
Satanic Tube (Thayer)
The Mystery of the Seven Veils (Glenn Gravatt)
Bogart Drum Head Tube
The Flag Vase
Latest Water Tube (Percy Abbott)
The Break- A-Way Cabinet
One Hand Production Cabinet
Gung Ho
The Wonder Screen
The Oblong Square (Percy Abbott)
The Wonder Box
Break-A-Way Production Box
Improved Unbelievable Production Box (Percy Abbott)
Temple Screen (U.F. Grant)
The Mirror Box
The Pivoting Wonder Cabinet (Herman Hanson)
The Organ Pipe
Tricky Tubes (Paul Stadelman)
The Haunted Chimneys (Percy Abbott)
Buddah Tubes (Percy Abbott)
The Transparent Tubes (Kattner Strothers)
Silk-In-Tube (F.C. Haenchen)
The Square Circle (Davenport)
Improved Round Circle (Percy Abbott)
The Enchanted Tubes (Charles Waller)
Pop Silks (Harold Sterling)
Silks from Newspaper
Silk News
Page-O-Silk (Harold R. Rice)
Silk Cascade (Percy Abbott)
Abbott Silk Production Box (Percy Abbott)
Productomazia (Solomon Stein)
The Handkerchief Casket (Chicago Magic Company)
Crystal Casket (Percy Abbott)
Creative Silks (Petrie-Lewis)
Cups of Plenty (Stewart Judah)
Fantasia Production (U.F. Grant)
The Tantalizing Tube (H.R. Hulse)
The Devil’s Newspaper (U.F. Grant)
Part Two Other Production Apparatus
Prodo (Herman L. Weber)
Streamer from Cigarette Pack (Willard S. Smith)
Silk Butterfly Production (Eric C. Lewis)
Stove Pipe Production (Harold R. Rice)
The Cascade of Silks
See-Bee Silks From Magazine (Clarence Borts)
The “Edgar” Utility Tube
A Small Production (Sherman Ripley)
Closed Door Production (Robert K. Weill)
Fish Bowl Production (… after Jack Gwynne)
Silks From Newspaper (Frederick E. Sissenstein)
A Magical Crystal Box (Len J. Sewell)
Silks and Fan (Charles Waller)
A Mammoth Finale
A Wooden Frame (Frederick DeMuth)
Silks From Nowhere (Nelson C. Hahne)
Tra Tube (George Ferguson)
The Silken Lady (Harold R. Rice)
Breakaway Phantom Tube (Francis B. Martineau)
Flash Finale (Edmond Younger)
Silks From Tube (P. H. Hollis)
A Hat Load (Harold R. Rice)
A Suspended Load (Harold R. Rice)
New Organ Pipes (Dick Buffum)
Frame and Easel (Larsen & Wright)
Something From Nothing (Al Baker)
The Triangular Room (John Mulholland)
Silk King Production Box (Paul Stadelman)
Magazine Production (Fred Mintz)
Ghost Tube (Lloyd Chambers)
Harbin’s Production Box (Robert Harbin)
Ace Production Box (Gordon M. Howatt)
Quick Production Tube
Instantaneous Productions (Harold R. Rice)
A Novel Production (Gordon M. Howatt)

Chapter Eight: Vanishes

Part One: Sleight Vanishes
A Master Vanish (Harold R. Rice)
French Drop Vanish
Another Drop Vanish
A Toss Vanish
Backhand Vanish

Part Two: Mechanical Aid Vanishes
The Bautier Pull (Buatier De Kolta)
The Pear Pull
The Pear Pull (attached to The Body)
The Thread Pull
The Elastic Pull (Jean Hugard)
The Edgar Pull With a Fred Rickard Improvement (Edgar & Rickard)
The Kenard Pull (Frank Kennard)
The Glass Trick (Roy Benson)
Visible Glass and Silk Vanish (Joe Berg)
The Greer’s Gadget (Greer Marechal)
The Flash Pull
Goy’s Vanish (M. Goy)
Walsh’s Vanish (Russ Walsh)
Vanishing Handkerchief Wand
Vanishing and Reproducing Wand
Ultra Handkerchief Wand (Petrie-Lewis)
Ruler Vanish
Paper Bag Vanish
Single Paper Cone (Harlan Tarbell)
Two Way Paper Cone (Harlan Tarbell)
Royal Paper Cone (Harlan Tarbell)
Newspaper Cone
Mirror Glass
The Turntable Stand
The Bottomless Glass
A Silk Vanishes (U.F. Grant)
The Utility Tube (Conradi)
Triple Hank Vanish (Ellis Stanyon)
The Elusive Handkerchief
Bare Hand Vanish (Frank Chapman)
The Changing Bag
With a Changing Bag (Dale Williams)
The Nickel Tube (Professor Hoffmann)
The Improved Nickel Tube (… after Professor Hoffmann)
Nickel Tube With Pull (Professor Hoffmann)
Presto Hank Vanisher
Selective Hank Vanish (F.C. Haenchen)
Close-Up Silk Vanish (Percy Abbott)
The Triple Tube Vanish (John Braun)
Wonder Cylinder (Percy Abbott)
Twentieth Century Pistol Vanish (Percy Abbott)
Pistol Funnel
Comedy Vanishing Hank (Harold R. Rice)
Repeat Handkerchief Vanish (Harlan Tarbell)
Warlock’s Repeat Silk Vanish (Peter Warlock)
Vanishing and Reappearing Silk
Improved Vanishing and Reappearing Silk (Ade Duval)
Rice’s Repeat Silk Vanish (Harold R. Rice)
New Repeating Hank Vanish (Bert Douglas)
Improved Hand-Box

Chapter Nine: Changes

Handkerchief to Billiard Ball
Other Changes
Silk To Rose (Max Holden)
Martineau’s Cigarette to Silk (Francis B. Martineau)
Walsh’s Cigarette to Silk (Russ Walsh)
Another Martineau Cigarette to Silk (Francis B. Martineau)
Firefly (Samuel Berland)
Robson’s Cigarette to Silk (Stuart Robson)
Ireland’s Cigarette to Silk (L.L. Ireland)
Spaulding’s Cigarette to Silk (Spaulding)
Martineau’s Bouquet to Silk (Francis B. Martineau)
Walsh’s Cane to Silk (Russ Walsh)
Cane to Two Silks (George Davenport)
Cane to Three Silks (Francis B. Martineau)
Silk to Cane (Francis B. Martineau)
Cane to Streamer (Russ Walsh)
Cane to Silk (Dr. Zina B. Bennett)
The Silk Worm (Ellis Stanyon)
Pipe to Silk (Joe Berg)
Balls to Silks (Fred Culpitt)
Silk From Playing Cards (Jean Hugard)
Card to Silk (Jean Hugard)
Billiard Ball to Silk (Jean Hugard)
Silkworm to Silk (Collins Pentz)
Silk To Streamer
Flash Cigarette to Silk (Bob Hanko)
Silks to Serpentine (Professor Hoffmann)

Chapter Ten: Transpositions

Mercury Silk (Magini)
The Hank That Flew (Ted Annemann)
Silks and Cups (Joe Berg)
Oriental Mats (Percy Abbott)
The Goblin Tube (Petrie)
The Depression Trick (Morrow)
Selecto Silko (Frank Chapman)
Repeat-It (Percy Abbott)
Vanishing Silk Effect (R.C. Buff)
A Flash Affair (Wilfred G. Jonson)
Right and Left
Color Changing Hanks
The Flying Handkerchiefs (T. Nelson Downs)
Double Flash Silk Mystery (Percy Abbott)
The Metamorphosis (Messrs. Hamley)
The Nested Envelopes (Hoffmann)
The Homing Silk
Simple Silk Sorcery (Oswald Rae)
Selecto-O (F.C. Haenchen)
Simple Silk Production Board (Len Sewell)
The Decapitated Knot (Fred Culpitt)
Silk Production Move (Ernest Castro)
The Diminishing Silk (Eric Lewis)
The Traveling Silks (William Larsen)
The Little Green Bag (Eric Williams)
The J.G. Bag Trick (Judah and Grant)
The Magicolor Tube (Henri Renaud)
The Red and White Box Mystery
Balls and Silks (Stewart Judah)
Transpo-Silko (Stewart Judah)
The Flying Silk (Jimmy Flowers)
Cameleon Colors (Harold R. Rice)
The Handkerchief Pedestal
Any Color Called For (Joe Berg)
Silks and Bags (Magini)
Silks and Bag Trick (Percy Abbott)
Silk Transposition (Mark Jacobs)
Rapid Transit Silks (Edward Bagshaw)
Flight of the Colors (Francis B. Martineau)
Nic’s Napkins (Stanley Collins)
Opening With a Bang (Christopher Charles)
Card and Silk (Anthony Ross)
Hank the Hermit (Lorne De Blois)
Match-It (Stewart Judah)
Silk and Sunshade
Sunshade Blendo (Kolmar)
Fan and Flags
Changing of the Colors (Bert Douglas & Arnold Belais)
The Spectral Seamstress (Charles T. Jordan)
The Utility Tube
The Jumping Silk (R.D. Spraker Jr.)
The Three Little Pigs (R.D. Spraker Jr.)
Comedy Transposition (Harold R. Rice)
The Absconding Queen (Roy Clifford)
With a Card Silk (R. Gayton)
Ching Soo Fire Cracker
Sailin´ Silks
The Transpo Silk (Gordon M. Howatt)
The Silks of Trian Foo Lum (Gordon M. Howatt)
Rice’s Rapid Transposition (Harold R. Rice)
Smart Silk (Raymond Beebe)
The Ghost Ring (Larsen & Wright)
A Wand and Silk Routine (Dr. E. G. Ervin)
Matches and Silk Routine (Rudy Roxo)
The Wandering Handkerchief (Harlan Tarbell)
Color Blind (Silverstien & Dart)
Silk Mystery (Devlin)

Volume Two

Seven chapters: Penetrations, Color Changes, Silk Dyeing effects, Reel Magic, Reel-less Magic, and 20th Century Silk effects.

Although this is an encyclopedia of silk tricks, it also covers all types of conjuring props, making it of interest to any magician.

521 Chapter Eleven Penetrations
661 Chapter Twelve Color Changes
699 Chapter Thirteen Color Changing Silks
747 Chapter Fourteen Silk Dyeing
851 Chapter Fifteen Reel Magic
887 Chapter Sixteen Reel – Less Magic
937 Chapter Seventeen Twentieth Century Silks


Volume Three

Eight chapters: Sympathetic Silks, Blendo Effects, “Naughty” Silks, Silks and Eggs, Soup Plates, Candles, Openers, Jap Box, and Apparatus Props.

Although this is an encyclopedia of silk tricks, it also covers all types of conjuring props, making it of interest to any magician.

Chapter Eighteen: Sympathetic Silks
Chapter Nineteen: Blendo Effects
Chapter Twenty: “Naughty” Silks
Chapter Twenty-One: Silks And Eggs
Chapter Twenty-Two: Soup Plates And Silks
Chapter Twenty-Three: Silks and Candles
Chapter Twenty-Four: Openers
Chapter Twenty-Five: Jap Hank Box