Ring in Salt (El Duco)


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The magician shows a regular piece of rope that can be examined. The spectator takes their own finger-ring and threads it on the rope. The performer lays his hand around the ring and rope. The spectator is asked to tie the two ends of the rope together, so there is no chance that the ring will come off. The magician gives the spectator a salt shaker and asks them to pour a little magic salt over his hand. Now the spectator is asked to hold their hand under the magician’s hand and to catch the ring when the magician opens his hand. But when the magician’s hand is opened there is nothing there but the rope. THE RING IS COMPLETELY GONE!

The spectator is asked to open the salt shaker and pour out the salt, and amazingly THE BORROWED RING IS FOUND INSIDE WITH THE SALT! Can you think of a stronger CLIMAX?

Please note that there is no substitution, it’s the same ring which the moment before was threaded on the rope that was inside the magician’s closed hand. Here’s great top quality item for your close-up act!