Ronald J. Dayton’s Unequaled Mystery


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Note: This came from an old magician’s estate. You receive the proper length ropes with instructions that include nicely drawn large illustrations to make learning the trick easy to do.

Three different lengths of ropes, one long, one medium, and one short are magically caused to all become the same length. The three ropes are counted to show they are all clearly three separate lengths.

Then the three separate lengths of rope are caused to become one long length!

This last phase (turning the three single ropes into one long piece) is all done  without the help from magnets, snaps, etc. Ronald Dayton’s method to accomplish this is extremely clever. The ropes are all ungimmicked.

Note: This Ronald Dayton effect starts after the standard Professor’s Nightmare has been performed and you have just made the count showing three separate ropes that are all the same length. The instructions that come with Dayton’s routine start at this point and do not show you how to perform the standard Professor’s Nightmare. So just in case you are not familiar with the original Professor’s Nightmare effect we will include some instructions and routine for that as well from Gene Gordon.