Rope Eternal (Dariel Fitzkee)


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Note: This came from a magician’s estate purchase. There are some previous price sticker marks on the front and back covers. Otherwise the book is in excellent undamaged condition.

Dariel Fitzkee’s masterful booklet on the Cut & Restored Rope Trick explores the real work behind this classic effect.

Dozens of baffling variations from such luminaries as Tarbell, Conradi, Malini, Burling Hull, Grant, Larsen & Wright, Germaine, Dr. Ervin, and others, are explained in painstaking detail.

In addition to various moves and sleight of hand techniques, a range of rope gimmicks and rope preparation methods are also covered. Surprisingly, in Fitzkee’s research, of the nearly 100 methods he analyzed when writing this book; he discovered that all of them could distilled down to just six basic methods and three principles!

Plus, there’s even a chapter on how to create your own rope miracles.

Every stand-up performer should have this rope magic reference on hand.

Published by D. Robbins & Company 1984.

Fifty-two pages with another nine pages of a catalog of selected magic books in many fields of interest.